Botany Unit 1: Forest Biomes and Trees

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A Charlotte Mason Inspired Secular Nature Study.

Enjoy this fun forest and tree study!

Each week you and your student(s) will be:

  • Reading living books for multiple ages
  • Doing copywork (secular) from the books you’re reading
  • Nature notebooking your science lessons
  • Going on forest walks for hands on experience
  • Nature journaling
  • Enjoy creative writing prompts
  • Science vocabulary terms
  • Optional forest school activities
  • Your choice of poetry or art projects

What do I need for this study?

Adventure notebook- We use a book for our nature journaling and nature notebooking. It’s up to you whether you prefer to have a separate nature journal (for things you see in real life) and one for notebooking our science lessons.

Books- There are books in this unit study for many different ages. There are some spines (meaning you’ll be using them for the entire unit) and some that are optional.

Access to trees and forests – The wonderful thing about studying trees, is that even if you live in a city, you have access to public parks where trees grow.

Can I see Samples?

YES! You can actually download the teacher guide introduction and see samples of the student notebooks:

What ages is this unit for?

I would say this nature study is for grades K-6 and even older. Older grades can definitely get a lot out of the nature journaling, forest walks, vocabulary copywork passages, and even creative writing. Picture books are encouraged for younger ages.

Is this truly Secular?

This is a secular nature study meaning there is an optional book if you wish to discuss plant evolution.

Is it Christian friendly?

Yes! Even though this is a secular nature study, all you have to do to make this tree study Christian friendly is to omit one book ‘Botanicum’.

Do I need to live close to a forest?

This study encourages you to learn about the trees in your local area, and learn about other forest biomes around the world. Every week you will learn about something new, but the wonderful thing about studying trees is that they grow everywhere, even in the city!

Do you need ALL the books?

You definitely don’t need all of them, I would highly recommend using the the first 4 in the list below. The forest school is optional, and you can enjoy nature journaling without a nature journal instruction book. I offer tips every week regardless of whether you use those pages.

Kid Tree Books that are Used

For this tree study for kids, I chose some of the best kids books on trees. You will need these for this unit study (you can borrow them or buy).

Optional (secular)

  • Botanicum: Welcome to the Museum by Kathy Willis

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